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Posted on 11-04-2015

The Rotator Cuff I have heard it called the “rotor cuff”, “rotor cup”, “rotary cuff”, “rotator cup”, and many other combinations of unrelated words.&...

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Exercises for Low Back Pain

Posted on 07-15-2015

Back Exercises to Keep You Out of the Chiropractor’s Office If your low back hurts, your core is not working. Contrary to popular belief, your core is not weak. It is uncoordinated. The muscl...

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Is Stretching Good for You?

Posted on 06-01-2015

Is Stretching Good for You? We all feel we need to stretch. My patients ask me to give them stretching exercises every day. Deep down inside we want to be more “something” in those ti...

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6 Exercises to Never Do

Posted on 05-11-2015

Exercise, good   -   Too much exercise, bad   -   Bad exercise, worst I see injuries from people doing no exercise. I see people hurt from doing exercise wro...

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Cell Phone Neck and How to Fix It

Posted on 04-15-2015

I won’t go into how much time the average American spends looking down at their cell phone and other personal electronic devises. To be brief, it’s A LOT. This is not just a U.S. issue, bu...

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The staff at Dr. Glesener's office is brilliant; not just in knowledge, but in how they care and treat their patients. Everyone is truly cared for.The massage therapy is wonderful.I always feel so much better leaving than when I came in.The staff is very dedicated to your well being.The hours are flexible and appointments can always be worked in.I have even come in without an appointment and been treated.The climate in the office is friendly and fun.

Sharon C.
St. Charles, IL

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