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Drugs and Chickens

Posted on 03-27-2013

Who is watching the chickens? Growing up in Iowa I learned that putting the fox in charge of the chicken house was not a good idea. Apparently medicine has not learned that the pharmaceutical co...

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Fascial Manipulation to Relieve Your Work Related Pain

Posted on 03-26-2013

Work Related Pain Relief with Fascial Manipulation Alecia’s whole arm hurt. She had right shoulder surgery in the past, but the pain came back. Protecting the shoulder, she had over used the e...

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I'm Lov'in Me Some Pop

Posted on 03-15-2013

I’m lov’in me some pop. I knew a man who was an addict...  Robert was addicted to pop. (that’s soda for those of you from the east coast)  In particular, he was addicted to Moun...

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Your Vitamin D Level May Be Killing You

Posted on 03-07-2013

I have a really good chance of being correct when I say you have a vitamin D deficiency. It’s estimated that over 75% of Americans have low vitamin D. So who cares? Well, you should. The rese...

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The staff at Dr. Glesener's office is brilliant; not just in knowledge, but in how they care and treat their patients. Everyone is truly cared for.The massage therapy is wonderful.I always feel so much better leaving than when I came in.The staff is very dedicated to your well being.The hours are flexible and appointments can always be worked in.I have even come in without an appointment and been treated.The climate in the office is friendly and fun.

Sharon C.
St. Charles, IL

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